Custom label ideas for craft businesses

Posted on: 22 February 2018

When you're running a small craft business, custom packaging can seem like an unjustifiable expense. Bigger companies can afford to design everything to their specifications, but you might not have the budget or the time for that. One way to solve this problem is to transform generic packaging into custom packaging using custom printed labels. Custom labels can help communicate your company's identity, provide useful information to customers, and make your products stand out in a crowded market. Here are a few creative ways to use them to boost your brand. 

Make them useful

Getting customers to retain your information is an important part of establishing lasting relationships. One way to do this is to make your mailing or packaging labels into something customers can use. This could be as simple as including a recipe or instructions on the label. Alternatively, turn labels into coupons that customers can use for future purchases. You can include a link to your site on the label, either as text or as a QR code customers can scan with their smartphones. 

Make them personal

A business that sells handmade crafts relies on a personal connection between creator and customer. Printed labels save time, but they can lack that personal touch. One way to combine convenience and individuality is to create labels with a space for a personal message. Just add a quick thanks or other note to a pre-printed label. This technique lets you keep a level of personal attention even when order volume would otherwise make it impossible. 

Consider context

If you're designing a label for a customer to see up close, such as a mailing label or a product label on a product sold online, your needs will be very different than if you're designing a product label for a product sold in person. Products on store shelves or trade stalls need to stand out, and that means designing eye-catching labels that are visible from a distance. Even if custom artwork or label shapes aren't practical, you can make sure that the colours and typefaces of your labels tie in with your branding. Label material can also matter here: experiment with different textures and levels of gloss to see what stands out at different distances. 

Whatever you choose to do with your products' labels, custom label printing lets you express yourself and reinforce your brand in an affordable way. Experiment with design and printing options until you find the perfect labels for your business. 


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