3 Benefits of Using Carbonless Forms

Posted on: 29 June 2020

If you are setting up a new business which often has to provide quotes or receipts to customers, you may be looking for paperwork solutions which make this process easier. Carbonless paper forms can bring many benefits. Carbonless paper is impregnated with chemicals which are released when pressure is applied by a pen or pencil, causing whatever is written on the top sheet to appear on the sheets below.  Read on to discover 3 benefits of using this type of stationery.

Simple and fool-proof

The problem with using electronic printers to create your paperwork is that if there is a problem such as a power cut or a piece of software malfunctions, your entire business operation may grind to a halt. However, because carbonless paper does not need power or software, it is unaffected by these types of issue. As long as your team have access to a carbonless paper pad and a writing stylus of some description, they are good to go and can issue receipts and quotes anywhere at any time.

Faster than traditional carbon copy paper

Traditional carbon copy paper can be time-consuming as it relies on the correct positioning of separate pieces of carbon paper between each page of the form. Getting carbon paper perfectly aligned can be time-consuming for your staff and frustrating for your customers. It can be difficult to line this blue carbon paper up exactly, which can cause some characters or words to be omitted on the copied sheets. Investing in carbonless forms removes the need to do this and speeds up the entire process.

Easy to produce multiple sheets

When producing a receipt for a customer, you may need several copies. One copy may be given to the customer, the staff member writing the receipt may need to keep a copy, while other copies may need to be sent to multiple departments. Most traditional carbon copy sheets are limited to produce only a few copied sheets and an original. However, with pre-treated carbonless paper, there is effectively no limit to the number of copies you can produce as your local printer will be able to produce large pads of the same form. All the staff member needs to do is to count out how many copies they need and then place a piece of card into the book at that location. This card will prevent the pages beneath from being copied onto by the pressure of the pen.

If you need a regular supply of carbonless forms, consider working with suppliers such as Labelpress Printing Services Pty Ltd.


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