Techniques That Professional Printers Use to Produce Quality Wedding Photo Books

Posted on: 6 October 2021

Weddings are special events, and capturing such moments is one way of ensuring the memories last a lifetime. Although new technology allows newlyweds to create digital photo albums, the applications are still far from usurping the role of the traditional wedding photo book. Notably, printing a wedding photo book is an art, which is why professional printers rely on the following practices to produce a book worthy of being treated as an heirloom.

Match Album Size to Wedding Size

A common mistake that most newlyweds make is mismatching the size of their wedding album and wedding. For instance, if your wedding lasts only a day and is attended by only a few family members and friends, it makes little sense to print a wedding album that is 100 pages long. It means adding photos that do not need to be part of the album to fill up the pages. Ideally, wedding photo books should scale with the size of your wedding, a rule that professional printers follow. Therefore, an intimate and short wedding might need only about 50 pages of quality photos. On the other hand, a volume-based album is the best choice for a 4-day wedding extravaganza.

Include Must-Have Shots

Key moments exist in any wedding ceremony, and it is a photographer's job to capture them and a printer's role to feature them in an album. For instance, moments like a bride walking down the aisle or a groom exchanging vows are special and must be included in a photo album. Besides including such moments in a photo book during printing, a professional printer knows better than to clutter them. Instead, must-have shots should stand alone in their pages primarily because they represent a significant moment in a wedding ceremony. For example, a photo of a bride and a groom kissing after exchanging vows can be printed on the first two pages to introduce an album.

Minimise Photo Captions

You might be tempted to ask a printer to include captions in some of the photos in your album. However, professional printers understand that the key to creating and developing a wedding photo book worth looking at and enjoying is minimising captions. Any photo that is part of a wedding album says more than any words ever could. Therefore, an experienced printer will not clutter your photos with unnecessary captions, letting the images in your album speak for themselves.

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